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Dealing with Procrastination.

He: I procrastinate a lot. Me: Most of the times or at times?

No response; he gets thinking.

Me: You did mention about some of your passions earlier? He: Yes, I love reading.

Me: Nice, how frequently do you read? He: 30 minutes daily.

Me: Do you think you procrastinate there? He: No, I somehow find my ways.

Me: Why do you think that happens? He: Because I enjoy reading.

Me: Yes, we procrastinate about things which we don't like. He: But we cannot enjoy everything we do. What about the rest of the stuff?

Me: Do you enjoy brushing your teeth every day? He: No.

Me: So why do you still do it. He: I guess it has become a habit?

Me: Yes, but everything cannot become a habit too He: So, what to do then?

Me: Have you managed projects at your work? He: Yes, big one's

Me: Everyone is passionate about everything in a project? He: I wish, but rarely happens.

Me: So, what works? He: We break it down into smaller steps and an action plan. We write them down.

Me: And? He: Create a system of continuous reviews and check-in, create accountability checkpoint.

Me: Now you know how to deal with procrastination

He: Yes. If you don't love it, make it a habit, and if you can't make it a habit, break it into smaller action points with regular check-ins.


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