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Do you see your career as an investment ?

Early career years, for two consecutive years my financial growth was way lower than what I desired. The company was in a survival mode. I knew it was doing it’s best to take care of its people, but for me, the growth was not enough.

My focus shifted to finding out what my friends were earning, every data point would worsen my state.

I decided to speak to my boss. In as many words told him how difficult this has been and why sticking here any further would be a challenge for me. I had no intentions to leave my financial growth dependent on companies performance.

This boss of mine has always been enterprising and he told me something that changed my outlook forever.

He said, “Ketan, look at your career as a long term investment”. You will have to keep on adding something to it every day, discipline is a must. There would be times when the short term returns may be lower than your expectations but stay committed and consistent. Encash it well when the time is right!

That conversation forever changed the way I looked at salary, increment and growth. Focus shifted from numbers to capabilities. This empowered me beyond imagination.


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