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Don't buy a vacuum cleaner to clean the spider web!

Twenty-five years back, we got a vacuum cleaner at home. For a small town, it was cool stuff, unheard of.

I was super excited to see this robotised product at home. The sound was the best part, like a machine in a sci-fi movie.

It was a hugely successful product in countries where carpets were the predominant form of flooring; in India, it did not make sense. Poor product-market fit at that time.

What the society perceived we used it for?

Vacuum cleaning our house.

What we used it for?

Spider web removal once or twice a year. A work which could have been quickly done using a long handle broom.

Impact on others?

Quite a lot of people in the network also bought it. I suppose many of them started cleaning the spider web too.

A valuable life lesson I picked up is on the Importance of defining your own goals and having your strategy.

You should craft your own journey. Just because others do it or have done it, won't work for you.

I use the below framework, try it next time.

Aspire: Where do I want to reach?

Aware: Where do I stand today? What is MY reality?

Purpose: Why is it important to me?

Action Plan: How and how soon I have to get there?

And don't buy a vacuum cleaner to clean the spider web because someone else had bought it! 😀


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