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Give it your best shot and move from excuses to actions.

I don't have money I don't have time I don't have resources

Every time you say something like this, you are implying this not being important enough for you—your reasons for not doing it are more significant than your intentions to do it. For a long time, I wanted to own a Classic Jeep. 2007, into my first job in Mumbai, time to chase the dream. I had no money, no parking space; no bank would give me a loan, and I had no idea where to start. The only thing I knew, I was had to get one. Few laughed, and I had hundreds of opinions flowing in. Some believed the unconditional support from two of my brothers kept me going. Six months of everything I could do which included extensive research on jeeps, convincing my brother to take a loan on my behalf, convincing a jeep garage owner to build his last jeep before shutting his shop forever, getting parts from 3 different states to, spending all my weekends in the garage to see it getting built from scratch. On 26 May 2007 at 6.33 PM, my jeep was ready to hit the road. What a day 😀 Remember, when you dream of something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Give it your best shot and move from excuses to actions.


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