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How Coachable are you?

Questions are like powerhouse; the right ones possess the power to transform lives.

When I look at back at life, most of the times I rose above the benchmark I had set for myself, it was someone who asked me a question which I should have asked myself.

We, as human beings, tend to get comfortable, quite easily. We all need a push and nudge many times.

I was fortunate to have people around me in the form of family members, bosses, friends, colleagues and coaches who were there when I needed a nudge.

For an ordinary guy like me, I got quite a few extraordinary results in life.

Wondering what it took, when I look back, there are four things I learned :

  1. You need to have the willingness to ask

  2. You will always find people whom you can ask, look around

  3. You should have the courage to accept what you hear

  4. You have to have the accountability to act

At the core, it has always been about being coachable.

If you are not coachable, you are comfortable with what you have got and where you are as of now. You have made a choice.

The question you have to ask yourself how Coachable are you?

What one thing did you do in the last 30 days that tells you that you are coachable?

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