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How many people would recommend you?

Sitting in the conference room, we were trying to figure out how to improve our customer retention.

A difficult challenge for any business, but that's how you build a scalable and sustainable business.

End of the day, it is the value you create.

We had a new functional leader who recently joined, and this was her first meeting.

She asked, "How many of our employees buy our product?"

"Can we cover this question later, we are right now solving for brand stickiness", I said.

"Exactly, this will tell you how much value do our employee see in our product and services. If they don't, how would customers?" was her response.

She left us speechless.

When we looked at the data, we could see a connection there. A solid connection.

Not all companies can invest in surveys, but here are two of the most potent indicator of customer and employee value proposition.

1. Number of employees using your product (If not B2B)

2. Employee referral programme success, even without a reward.

The million-dollar question, how about your perceived value? How do you establish the value you create?

Here is one:

How many people that you have ever worked with would recommend you when they come across a challenging career opportunity?


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