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I had so many ups and downs in my career.

She: I had so many ups and downs in my career.

Me: Life is a roller coaster. And if you are working in corporate, the frequency of ups and downs increases!

She: Yes, four years back, there was a considerable dip. I can't thank the then business leader who helped me out. It was a two-year struggle. This is the fourth time someone rescued me. I am fortunate.

Me: True, great leaders make a world of difference.

She: Yes, I hope coaching is going to help here. I hope these ups and down reduce, it can get tiring.

Me: No, that won't happen.

She: Why? Then what is the point of having a coach?

Me: Well, a coach will work with you to find answers for yourself. A coach can do nothing about the ups and downs of life, if someone says that, you are getting into a trap.

She: I am listening.

Me: But what will happen after you have gone through the process is that you will reduce your dependencies on a leader to come in to help you out. The process will,

• Improve your self-awareness.

• Help you know who you are.

• Help you understand why do you do what you do.

• Equip you in making better choices.

• Shift your focus from reacting to responding.

It will help you in becoming a better version of yourself!

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