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"I have been without a job for 8 months; I need help."

"I have been without a job for 8 months; I need help."

This is what the message said; we agreed to speak.

Being there for someone is an opportunity each one of us has.

I had people to speak to when I was myself undergoing a job loss transition in 2016. The problem was mine, and I had to solve it. But I needed support, validation, reassurance and someone who would listen to me, without judging; I was fortunate to have them.

The 30 minutes planned conversation ended up for 2 hours.

With an ordinary background, a wife and a kid to take care of, it was amazing how he has managed till now. These situations can break even the strongest of the people.

Here are what you should do:

  • The spiral of negativity is emotionally draining; brings down confidence. With low self-confidence cracking an interview would not happen. Let your emotions out.

  • Have your daily discipline. Have a schedule, focus on daily improvement. Stay in control.

  • Set goals and stay focused. Don't change the goal post, but revisit the how-to reach there. Stay flexibility, find solutions, experiment. Take Actions.

  • Learn, and Learn. Get out of the past, stop that post mortem and focus on rebuilding.

Felt good when he said, I called for some help on the job, but what I got was far more than that.


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