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"I know less than others, and I need to do these 100 courses."

"I know less than others, and I need to do these 100 courses."

If you are stuck with a similar feeling, do not take random steps.

Identify the problem first.

Aahaana changed her function a few years back and had a good run with her career until now; yes, she wishes to do more.

A constant botheration for her has been the lack of a formal degree like her peers.

Aahaana: I lack competence.

Me: What is the source of this self-assessment?

Aahaana: Source? I know it.

Me: In your development sessions, how many times have you got this feedback?

Aahaana: Never.

Me: Not a single time in the last ten years?

Aahaana: No.

Me: Have you got promotions in your career?

Aahaana: Yes, four major ones.

Me: All came by chance?

Aahaana: I guess no.

Me: So how have you established that you don't know what you are supposed to know?

Aahaana had no answers.

You know why?

Because for her, more than competence, it is her confidence that needs focus.

Every time you doubt your competence;

  1. Take a pause.

  2. Identify your strengths, talents, skills.

  3. Validate them with the feedback you would have received.

  4. Filter them through the results you have got.

  5. If need be, reach out to people you have worked with and get feedback.

Once you know if it is a competence or confidence problem, solve it!

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