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I promise to start this.... tomorrow.

Every time I would meet people who inspire; I would promise to become a better version of myself. I would promise to start as soon as everything was in place, just that perfect timing.

But I would never start.

Then I would meet another inspiration, and I would make new promises to myself. But I would not move even a single inch. The cycle continued.

I can see the same spark in people when I interact with them. The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others is empowering.

I know most of them would promise to themselves, as I did. And yet after they go back to their day to day life, as high as 99% go back in their comfort zone and stay where they are.

Here is how to make it works, in just 5 Steps:

Step1: Script It: Write your goals down, now.

Step 2: Make it Specific: Define it well, break it to smaller steps.

Step 3: Add a Purpose: A compelling reason for doing it

Step 4: Visualize it: Put it at a place you can see

Step 5: Create an Accountability partner: Share it with someone who cares and can nudge you to see if you are on track.

Start today.

If you can't start today, you will never do it tomorrow.

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