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When I landed up with a Micro-manager boss !

Everything was going fine when one fine day my boss changed. Goals and aspiration were the same, just a change in manager.

First few days, things went fine but with time the relationship started to get strained. From the comfort of working with an empowering boss to a micromanager, it was not easy.

I could feel the tension, my output was getting hampered. I would avoid meeting him, I was reacting.

I did stamp him as a difficult boss. Why would someone on earth micromanage?

Around the same time, I was also undergoing my coach certification. In the process, I discovered “freedom” as one of my core value. I realized the problem, freedom and micromanagement don’t go hand in hand.

Coaching is a powerful tool, while I discovered my core values, I realized I was judging my manager through my values. What about his core values? His values also define who he is and makes him as unique as I am. Values can’t change but we can change how we work together.

This awareness about self and others creates appreciation and acceptance of who we are can do wonders to any relationship.

From reacting, my approach shifted to responding and magic happened.

Are there really good or bad bosses as a fact; or it’s our definition?


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