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If it is not making one uncomfortable, it is not a change!

Five years ago, in Dec 2015, one fine day, I had no office to go to. I lost my job.

I was upset but not surprised; we were going through a difficult time as an organization.

Many had to move out.

Next four months without a job, no income, high fixed costs, emptiness because of no work; this change was discomforting to me. It was getting harder with every passing day.

But when I look back, this was the most beautiful and fulfilling period of my life.

I changed.

The way I looked at the world changed.

So did my results.

In fact, after this was over, I said to myself, "how awesome it would be to take a six-month break every five years?"

I had no idea that 2020 would bring this back in the form of lockdown.

The last few months of physical cutover from the external world gave me an opportunity again to

- Reconnect with self

- Refine my life purpose

- Do things that I love doing

The most incredible part, I experienced these with my kids and wife alongside, at the comfort of my home.

I have been fortunate, but I know not everyone has been.

No one can change the past, but I wish all of you and the entire human race an eXtraordinary 2021 and beyond

If it is not making one uncomfortable, it is not a change.
And with the change, comes growth.

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