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If it is not making you uncomfortable, it is not a dream.

"I want to do these two courses before I turn 45."

Krish said with excitement and with glitter in his eyes.

Me: That's amazing. One should always have dreams to look forward to. Are these very long course?

Kr: I don't think so.

Me: Then why do you need seven years to finish these?

Kr: I need to put some money together for it.

Me: What is the kind of monetary investment required for these courses?

Kr: I don't know.

Me: How did you arrive at the 7-year horizon then? Why can't you do them in the next 12 months?

Kr: As I mentioned, I need money.

Me: But you don't even know how much?

Kr: Actually, these are good to do courses, so I am not putting too much energy and commitment here. More of a wish list, you know.

(Krish's dreams have become wish list now)

Me: How many such dreams cum wish list you had when you were in your 20s?

Kr: Quite a few.

Me: And how many did you pursue?

Kr: None, I never had the money.

Me: To how many did you give a shot?

Kr: Almost none.

Me: Are you sure it was about money only?



Krish goes silent.



Kr: I was comfortable doing what I was doing, did not push myself.

If it is not making you uncomfortable, it is not a dream; it is a secondary activity.
And secondary activities never get done.


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