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Is it ok to keep changing jobs for more salary?

Krish has an offer and is confused.

Kr: I don't know what to do?

Me: What about this job made you pursue this in the first place?

Krish with some hesitation: Pay

Me: Why that hesitation?

Kr: Many say I will spoil my resume. Is it ok to shift jobs frequently for better pay?

Me: Everyone would have their perspective on this; none of them is right or wrong. The only question to ask is, "Does it take you closer to your financial, personal & career goals?"

Kr: Goals?

Me: Yes, it gives you direction.



Me: Tell me your most critical priority for the next two years.

Kr: Improve the living condition of my family. Five of us lived in a one-room house in a village for 27 years. I started working after class 12. I want my family to have a comfortable life, at least.

Me: That makes sense, I m sure you have made them proud.

Kr: I think so. I am hence chasing more pay.

Me: Makes sense. If someone is willing to pay, why not?

However, put a number. It is important to maintain the right balance with other life dimensions.

There is never a one size fits all in career.

Your own aspirations should be the only factor behind your choices.

Listen to everyone, but make your own choices.

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