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It’s how you make people feel that matters!

We were standing at a long queue in a retail store, with our 8-month-old in our arms. He was cranky and we were going nuts. We needed to take these groceries home and settle the kid too.

Wondering what to do and looking at each other helplessly, we realized a staff of the store was taking our trolly towards a billing counter at the corner of the store, he appeared to be a floor supervisor.

He logged into the POS and started scanning our stuff. While this was going on, I realized his smiling face was familiar. Could not recollect, and once we were done, from the bottom of my heart I said, Thank You!

He smiled back and said, “Sir, you used to be our HR in my last company a few years back.

Every time you would come to our store, you would shake hands with us and give us a pat on our backs. We felt respected and valued, you made us feel good”.

Retail floor service is one of the toughest and thankless jobs, but I never knew one gesture of mine meant so much to them.

Every time we meet people, we have an opportunity to make them feel good. People may forget what you say to them or do to them, but they always remember how you make them feel.

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