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Jump when you are running fast !

Of the 23 incredible bosses I have worked within the last 13 years, I have seen quite a lot of them taking career decisions, be it a new role or a new company.

I would, like a student, always ask them for their corporate mantra before they moved on, each one of them has left quite a few which are powerful and life-changing.

One of my fast track bosses decided to move on and this was when he was doing really well in the company and quite known in the industry. I was wondering, why is he making a move when he is doing so well? This was just not making any sense to me.

In fact this a very common question in interviews, “When everything is going so well with you in your current role, current company or with your current boss, why would you look at moving on?”

His response shifted my perspective forever.

He asked, “To cover the maximum distance in one shot, when will you jump, while you are running fast or when walking?”

I said of course when I am running fast.

He said, “Then why not then in career?”

I have done this few times, witnessed quite a lot of fast trackers having this philosophy. In fact , quite a lot of sports legends retire from sports when they were still going on and doing well.


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