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Knock at the right doors.

Organisations in their buildup phase, go through problems like never before. The sensitivities to external factors are very high.

At one of my earlier organisations, mathematically downsizing was inevitable.

I was an integral part of the project, but I was not convinced. No one was listening to a junior HR.

Our new HR leader was soon to join, and everyone was waiting for him to come on board and lead this change.

The topic was sensitive; I could not discuss with anyone else outside. I was feeling helpless.

The wait was over; our new HR Head joined. In the first briefing meeting, the download on the project happened.

As soon as we came out, he asked me, "Ketan, what is your point of view here?"

I was not expecting this, but I had my point of views, numbers and story clear in my head. I said, "This to me is a project everyone wants to do, but we should not. We don't need to undergo surgery when physiotherapy works."

I took him through a detailed presentation.

He was convinced, a few days later, this project got shelved.

Two life learnings:
1. Leaders look at value and not the rank or experience.
2. Always be prepared; you never know when you would be knocking on the right door.


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