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Law of Inertia and Humans!

Inertia and human beings

He: I am just not able to move ahead.

Me: What is happening within? What is stopping you?

He: Don't know for sure, but others are doing so well, wonder how.

Me: What do you think worked?

He: They had a lot of talent and resources for sure.

Me: You said you had been a teacher for 15 years?

He: 14 Years, up till class 8.

Me: Such a selfless profession, the number of lives you would have impacted would be unimaginable.

He: Yes, very fulfilling.

Me: So all your students have been at the same level when they started?

He: No, they were all unique. A lot of them needed personal attention.

Me: And what was your strategy to help them? Finish with their learning in a day?

He: What? No, its always one step at a time I used to take with them. The first one required the most effort.

Me: And that worked?

He: Most of the times, yes. For them, it was a step forward.

Me: And can that be applied to adults? One step at a time, starting with the first one.

He: Yes.

Me: Do you think most people started somewhere, with that first step?

He: Yes!

Me: So what is going to be your first step?

Law of inertia also applies to Human Behaviour. The first step is the most difficult one. Take that first step today.

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