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Not able to move on your goals, again?

Not able to move on your goals?

Get yourself an accountability partner. It works 99% of the times, and I am a fan of this.

Many times we see ourselves not moving despite going through the first four steps of defining our goals as in my book eXtraordinary

This means you have already:

  1. Scripted it;

  2. Made it specific and actionable;

  3. Added a reason to it;

  4. Visualised it and have put it in a place where you can see it daily;

Next step? Get yourself an accountability partner—someone who will help you stay accountable and nudge you on the progress.

It has worked for ages. The concept of weekly or monthly tests in school, monthly review at work, performance check-in with your boss; however much we hate them, they work.

Just giving someone the authority to ask questions, you will see yourself moving towards your goals as you have never imagined. If you already have a coach, they do this well.

Add the below statement at the end of your goal.

I have created an accountability partner for my goal on (you goal)............, by sharing my goal with (name)..............; and I am willing to be held accountable and not feel bad when he/she checks on my progress every (frequency) .......


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