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Power of Belief !

Of the three brothers, I am the second one. As we were growing up, riding a bicycle was a thing one could boast about. And a lot of these learnings and sharings were social.

Every year we used to spend some time at our maternal grandparent’s house and they were a huge field right in front of the house. What better place to learn bicycle?

Without the parents being aware, my elder brother decided to teach me cycling. The first time is always scary, but siblings are a great source of confidence, the world will say no but not them.

So I was on the bicycle and he said don’t worry I will hold you tight and push. Made sense!

He held me tight and pushed me for the first round, cheering me up, then we did the second one. As I was doing my third round and I was about to reach the point where we started, I saw him standing there and cheering. I did it on my own thinking he was holding me all this while. But as soon as I realized he was not boom, I fell down. But I had learnt to ride that day.

Our brain works on beliefs and not the actual reality, it’s extremely powerful.

Have you ever experienced something similar, when you believed you have a backup and did something you were afraid of, while it was not there in reality?


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