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Power of Goals

Had a 9.20 morning flight to catch and Bengaluru traffic is most unpredictable so had built in some margin for me to reach the airport. Google maps helped me decide the time I should hit the road with some margin at hand. 

Booked an app based Cab which did arrive on time, seemed like all going as planned. And when I stepped into the cab, I almost felt like jumping out, the smell was intolerable. Thanks to Bangalore weather, rolling down the window is always an option one has independent of what time it is, let alone mornings which are absolutely a delight here. 

With some fresh air in my lungs, we were on our 47 KMs journey to the airport. A few KMs on the odometer and we few people pointed towards one of our rear wheels and we realized this may just be a flat tyre. The driver decided to stop by the nearest gas station, he was almost certain that this was low air issue and not a puncture. We did reach a gas station after 5 minutes and being morning , the staffing at the station was limited.

For reasons unknown, my driver decided to wait in the vehicle for someone to approach us and solve our problems rather than taking action to solve for this. At that moment, no one was getting the point how important every minute was for me, had a flight to catch. They had their own priorities and that is what they were bothered about. And adding to this, the air machine had no air in it !

I almost thought of getting down and giving everyone a talk on making them realize how important a quick action was for me and how they should be focusing on my priority , but at that moment I realized that this group of people are completely out of my circle of influence and for things not going right, only I had to lose. 

My goal was clear, reach airport safely by 8.20 AM without going overboard with the transportation charges. 

Took a leap of faith, cancelled this one, used the app to book another one and got one in a reasonable time, hopped into it and was on my way to the airport. 

And on my way, reflected back as to what happened and how this happens to us every single day, especially at work. We have our goals which are critical to us and we are put everything it takes to make it happen, but we have to deal with people and system where their priorities may not be always aligned to mine, we still have to reach our goals. There are outside our Circle of Influence.

What I learned was the power of staying focused on your goals and take action towards that;let the goals remain unaltered but actions flexible. 


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