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Power of Purpose

Me: All well at home? We did not see you around yesterday.

He: My wife was unwell, all maids bunked work, and I had to spend time at home cleaning and organising.

A senior professional shared this with me. I know his ego is not easy when it came to house administration work.

Few questions popped up in my head:

  • What made him cancel significant appointments at work to stay at home and clean?

  • Where did his ego vanish?

  • What made him share this?

Here, his better half, who is a better home administrator, was unwell. For someone who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for symmetry and order, the dirty house was a problem.

With the house not clean, she would not recover quickly because of the stress.

Her health and wellbeing were significant enough reasons for him and his ego to take a back seat, and he washed utensils.

This is the power of Purpose, Reason or Mission.

Reason or purpose is the most potent drivers we humans have. The same tasks or work or activity or people, where we would have taken a stand to stay away from, with a definite purpose, we find it easy to work.

Attach a definite purpose to your goals.

Next time when you are about to give up on a goal, reconnect to the purpose behind.


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