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Reaching, Sustaining and Growing!

"It is a huge jump in my career. The role and remuneration both move up 2X", Aahaana said with a lot of excitement.

She has been preparing hard for this move and landed up with a fantastic job offer.

Me: Well deserved!

Aa: Yes, this is so exciting, worth the wait.

Me: I am sure it is. Career is like any other investment. One needs to set goals, stay consistent with actions and be patient. It takes time, and it doesn't grow overnight!

Aa: True!

Me: So what are the next courses you plan to pick along with the new role? What is next on your growth agenda?

Aa: I just finished one last year and got results. Why do I need more?

Me: Would this new role be the last role of your career?

Aa: Of course not.

Me: Do you follow any sports?

Aa: Yes, Cricket.

Me: So once a team wins a tournament, do they stop practising and improving?

Aa: No. Some rest is okay but not the pursuit. On the contrary, they push harder.

Me: So what next for you?

Aahaana is working on her next learning plan.

She will continue to focus on enhancing her learnability quotient.

Reaching a position is one thing;

Sustaining in it is second;

Growing further is the third thing.

All 3 needs focus and attention.

"What got you here won't get you there."
Marshall Goldsmith

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