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Set clear expectations; with self and others.

She: I am upset. No one reverted to my invite. I have designed such a powerful session.

Me: So how many reverts were you expecting?

She: A few.

Me: Can I say one?

She: Not, I think six would have been good.

Me: Good, so you started with the goal of six?

She: No.

Me: And how many people did you reach out to?

She: Sent to my WhatsApp groups, around 200.

Me: And these groups have your audience?

She: No, but they could have sent it ahead.

Me: And you requested them to do that?

She: No, I expected them to.

Me: To sum up, you are upset because you wanted few people to signup for your programme because you shared a message to some people in you group expecting them to share it with others for you to get registration?

She: Kind of.

Me: You drive?.

She: Yes.

Me: So you sit in the car and start driving randomly in any direction.

She: No! I know where I want to reach and then move.

Me: And when on the road you expect everyone to understand where you are headed and help you?

She: No, they are busy with their journeys. I need to manoeuvre.

Me: And when you have to turn, what do you do?

She: Use the indicator to tell them.

Me: So, what works?

She: Clarity of my expectations from myself and others. I will define my goals and come back 😀


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