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Shift the focus from why to how.

The frequency with which my role within the organisations changed was high. That made the journey exciting and enhanced my learnabilityquotient.

When you move up, someone else is supposed to fill in, a new person was identified for the position with one such movement.

During the process of transition, I realised that the person was not coming up to speed, and I began to worry about the self-perceived value of that role getting diluted.

Over time I started questioning the decision-making process of the organisation. Why did they not get a better person for this role?

Decided to speak to my HR head on this and put the concern forward.

He heard me and then smiled as if he understood the problem. Lesser, I knew that the solution had to do something with me.

Questions he asked:

  • Ketan, what if you were to manage this person as a manager?

  • What if you get an ordinary employee to work with you as you become a manager?

  • How would you deal with such a situation?

I was amazed to see my response. I shifted the focus from complaining to problem-solving. I had ten ways to deal with the situation.

He shifted the entire situation from why to how. And it worked.


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