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"Start small, but towards something big."

"All I need is a job that pays me 50K a month", Krish said.

Krish is worried about his placements, with the market not doing well.

He is putting in more and more, every single day, but to no favourable outcomes.

Me: How have you arrived at this number?

Kr: I think this would suffice.

Me: Suffice what?

Kr: Provide a comfortable life, for family and me.

Me: All you desire is a comfortable life? Your parents went through hardship only for you to desire a comfortable life?

Kr: Is that not what everyone wants?

Me: The question is, what do you want. Let us say you get this job, what next?

Kr: What next? I mean, all my problems get solved.

Me: Sound like you are going to live with this salary forever.

Kr: No, I mean, I would need more.

Me: How much more?


Me: Which was the highest paying job last year?

Kr: 1.5 L a month.

Me: Why are you not aspiring for that?

Kr: Me?

Me: What did the person who got that job had different?

Krish after some thinking: Nothing.

Me: So why dream small?

Krish is reworking on his career plan.


Small dreams mean smaller actions;
Smaller action lead to little results.
Big dreams mean bigger actions;
Bigger action yield bigger results.

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