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Start with the accountability question!

Can we change the dates of our next sessions?

They are falling during our exams.

Krish asked on behalf of the group with the expectation to hear a yes.

After all, exams are like a licence to ask for anything.

When I said no, I could sense that it unsettled the group.


Me: When did you get the schedule?

Kr: A week back.

Me: Why are you asking for session rescheduling?

Kr: Exams.

Me: I know, but why rescheduling is the first option?

Kr: We will get more time to prepare.

Me: What difference will these 60 minutes make?

Kr: Not that way, but we would like to focus on the exams.

Me: What if you get an interview call then?

Kr: I will find a way.

Me: So why not here? Why the first alternative to change the dates?

There was silence.

Me: Let me ask you the Accountability question. Now that you have your exam dates, what can you do today so that your coaching sessions happen as per schedule?

A few minutes later, everyone had solutions that worked for them individually.

We had the subsequent sessions as planned


Want #eXtraordinary results?

Never start with the premise that you can do nothing

Start with the accountability question.

Now that I am aware of the situation XX, what can do or how can I still get the results I want.


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