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Stop wearing that mask!

He: This remote working is taking a toll on the team. Me: Yes, not been easy for most people.

He: How do I sound positive when I speak to my team? Me: Help me understand this more?

He: I need to pass on the energy and make them feel good about things. Me: That's an excellent thought. The question however is, why do you have to put effort into doing this?

There was a momentary silence.

Me: Have you faced a situation in life when someone said thankyou or extended an apology? He: Yes, many times.

Me: Which ones do you remember the most? He: The authentic ones I guess.

Me: Why? He: They were from the heart and not the head. We can feel things.

Me: So how would you want to pass on the energy to your teams? Head or the heart? He: Heart.

Me: And what do you need to do to let things come from the heart? He (with some inhibitions): Look within and find happiness?

Me: What all do you do every day to keep yourself energised, happier and charged up?

He: There are too much work and other priorities, so not been able to do that.

Me: Happiness is internal and not external. The only person who can do something about your happiness is you.


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