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That day he went for a Run!

Krish moved to Australia along with his kid and wife sometime back.

On the call, he was all over the place—a long list of problems.

  1. The family want to move back to India; they feel alone here.

  2. Came here to create some funds to buy that house back home, how can they leave that dream in between?

  3. Is financial success worth it?

  4. Not sure if he will get a job in India.

  5. Even if they decide, there are no flights to India right now.

A clear sign of being stuck. Virtual fears.

All he needed was:

  • Someone to listen to him without judging.

  • A nudge, to take one step that day.

Towards the end of the call, the one thing we agreed was for him to restart his workouts.

He had stopped his workouts on the pretext of COVID, another symptom of being stuck. Gym not being open was an excuse; he figured out he can go for a run.

That day he went for a run.

Next day he worked out a solution on his work front too, he spoke to his boss, and India seems to be not too far.

Time will tell more, but he did come out of the spiral of being stuck.

He took that one small step, a tiny step to take charge of his life, yet again.

Problem was internal. Isn't it most of the times?


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