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The first step is always the most difficult.

I keep on bumping into people who are deep down looking for a Coach. These people are Coachable.

I met a fast tracker a few days back; we were having some exciting conversation around the future of HR and Coaching.

I was sharing my journey of changes and transformation after getting coached and how excited am I about my future.

The most significant problem people talk is around not having found the right coach. The questiTheres them is "How do I choose one?"

Somewhere the credentials and credibility of getting coached by someone more successful than oneself hold people back. This is when people are confused between having a Coach or a Mentor.

And this is how I respond to add perspective.

Me: Do you follow cricket?

He: Not much

Me: Do you know who Late. Shri. Ramakant Achrekar was?

He: No.

Me: Do you know Sachin Tendulkar?

He: Of course, who doesn't.

Late. Shri. Acharekar was Sachin's Coach since his childhood.

Most of the time, people get their answers.

And if this also doesn't strike a chord I tell them to look within, there is some fear holding you from taking action, and this has nothing to do with not finding the right coach.

The first step is always the most difficult.


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