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The only thing that grew was the frequency of my complaint.

He was upset. Forget the growth in career, questions were revolving around his long term association with the company. His boss did not support him enough he felt.

You could sense frustration and sounded like his boss was nothing less than a nasty human being whose entire purpose of existence was to trouble this guy.

After the initial emotional outburst, I had a few questions thrown at him:

For how long this problem of you not growing exists?

Close to three years, he said.

And you had the same boss during these three years?

No, the current one is the third one, he added.

And how were the other bosses?

None of them fought for my growth was his response.

So what made you stick around for so long despite no growth and none of the bosses fighting for you?

I knew there was not going to be a response and I was right.

I don't know if I was able to make him look within but the easiest thing we do is pass the blame on someone else. We take zero #accountability of where we are in our career.

I have done that many times and I did not move an inch in life. I was at the same place; the only thing that grew was the frequency of my complaint.

How much accountable do you think you are for where you are in you #career?


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