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The Ordinary Employee: Why have been ignoring them?

- A gist of yesterdays session at #arisehrsummit.

My first question to the audience: How many HR practitioners or business leaders or anyone to do anything with talent have programmes for the the high performance and high potential employees?

I had quite a lot of hands up.

My second question:How many of you have programmes for the ordinary employees?

Not a single hand went up.

When I asked for the reason, I heard ROI as response.

I am talking about that ordinary employee who is the first one to be in office, works on weekends if needed, goes unnoticed in office gatherings, waiting for that promotion for years and the first one to get normalized if there is a bell curve. At the core, they are somewhere taken for granted. But they remain committed, do their job and keep delivering.

Having served 25,000 people, having coached quite a lot of people, and having worked with the best and the best employees of corporate India, all I can say is that at the core most people are ordinary.

No they are not born, but what they do and how they do, makes them extraordinary. The choose extraordinary. Here is a glimpse of the session.


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