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The Power of How.

She: It has gone for a toss. The 12-month goal I had set, needs to change.

Me: What about it?

She: I need to redefine it.

Me: You wish to change the goal because of the current situation?

She: Yes, it's not sustainable.

Me: And how important is this goal for you.

She: Almost everything, this will define who I become.

Me: And what makes you believe that this can't be done?

She: Everyone is doing it, changing plans. Things are beyond our control.

Me: You elder one is to finish his grade 9 this year?

She: Yes, but I am worried, I don't know how he is going to cover up. Schools are not going to open up soon.

Me: Are you considering a year drop?

She: What? No ways! We will figure out a way to continue his learnings. The goal post is not going shift unless we have given it everything.

Me: Good, I thought you would use the same approach for your kid as you are considering for yourself.

She (after a pause): Looks like I am looking at an easier route for myself.

Me: You would know best, we always know it deep down.

She: I will rework on the "How" of the goal; not the goal itself.

Accountability is Rising above the circumstances and doing whatever it takes (within the bounds of ethical behaviour)to get results you want- OZ Principle

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