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The Power of Right Questions.

Few months into it and I was doing good well in my new role in the new company.

And then I met someone through a reference who had an HR opportunity, over a few conversations, there was an intent to offer from them.

There was a significant salary growth, but something was not right, I was in two minds.

Reaching out to my coaches and mentors have always helped. They always ask questions which makes me look at things I chose to ignore.

He: So why do you want to change?

Me: The role is good, and they are offering good money.

He: How different is the role, what new challenge would you deal with?

Me: There are some new challenges, and that's why they are paying more.

And a few questions later, I realised that my decision framework then was monetary. I was overlooking everything else for financial growth.

There was nothing wrong with the financial growth, but somewhere I was trying to cover up for my past salary degrowth. I chose to join my current company at a salary cut.

I decided to stick around, and focused on learnings and contribution, turned out to be one of my best professional exposures.

Incidentally basis my contributions, in a year, remuneration wise, I was ahead of what the new role would have offered.

The Power of Right Questions.


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