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The Real Problem!

Me: Let's understand the problem.

He: The organisation is not going in the right direction. May not grow. The boss is a pain.

Me: So what?

He: I may not have a role for myself here soon.

Me: How much of a formal runway you will get if this happens?

He: 60 Days, but the market is tight, I may not get an excellent opportunity soon.

Me: Ok, so what is the worst that can happen?

He: That it may take a long time.

Me: Let's assume six months as the worst case.

He: Practically yes, but has happened in the past and it took me 18 months to find one.

Me: Ok, so worst case it is 18 months if that happens how best can you use your time?

He (After a long pause): I don't want to put a burden on my wife, she is managing family and career. After our second kid, she has wanted to take a break. I don't want her to stretch. She does so much.

What started as an organisation problem, ended up with a person's fear of putting the burden on his wife.

The dimensions of life are connected more than we imagine. All you need is the courage to let someone ask the right questions for you to identify the right problem.

Treating the symptom is a temporary fix. Fix the Problem.

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