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The Super Humans!

He was surprised and excited when I told him this. The glitter in his eyes was priceless.

We just got up after watching IronMan. I love watching Superhero movies, even more with kids.

A lot of these stories are about ordinary people becoming extraordinary. Deep down, I do connect with that average person who has now discovered world-changing powers.

While these ordinary people get external powers; they become superhero because they have always been one at the core. The physical manifestation only multiplies their superhero personalities.

The kid got excited when I told him about the Iron Man Of India, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.

His first question was, how did he get an Iron suite? Did he make one?

The question allowed me to provide him with a message for a lifetime.

"Son, superheroes are superheroes because of their character; because of who they are as humans. External suit or not, they believe in themselves. They are self-aware. They think of others before self; they use all their strengths for the benefit of others."

"They are givers; they are on a mission to impact and give the world positively."

I know he would have shared this new perspective with a lot of his friends, I am sharing with mine through this post 😀.


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