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To "err is human", learn from it!

Me: "I still make mistakes. Your Mumma also does."

Kiddo: And what about grandparents, do they also make mistakes?

Me: Yes, they do.

Kiddo: Oh, even older people make mistakes?

Me: Yes, we all do; life is about continuous learning and improvement. We must accept them and learn from them.

This is what I told my kiddo when something he did was upsetting him. He realised his mistake and was not able to accept it.

After my response, the glitter in his eyes meant significant learning for him. It was vital for him to know that to "err is human", and we must "learn from it".

While kids continue to grow both physically and mentally, adults grow intellectually till their last day.

If there is one thing that makes us the most evolved species is our learner's mindset, our #learnability.

There are only two reasons when we don't learn from our mistakes:

1. We are on a journey to prove a hypothesis to be true, which the world has always believed to be false. We know it is not a mistake, yet.

2. We are closed to learning; we are not willing to become a better version of ourself.


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