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Unless you give up what you have, you will not find the new.

The first few years of my career, I worked like anything. I enjoyed the chaos and learning. The built-up phase made the journey exciting.

From being one of the first few members to seeing it grow to thousands in a matter of time, I saw success and failures.

This kind of growth makes the organisation people dependent, and I was no different. The organisation was always evolving and changing. New structures, managers, leaders, changes were fast, real fast.

I wanted to move to a line HR role for some time, but these changes were not allowing me to move.

Somewhere I developed this feeling that if I move, things will come to a stop because I was carrying so much of information and knowledge.

In my mind, I made myself indispensable.

With a change, I had a new boss, and in our conversations, he figured out my aspirations. He realised that I was self stuck.

He worked backwards with me and ensured that I transitioned to a new role in 60 days.

Unlike what I thought, 99.9% of what I carried was never needed, ever.

New ways, new people and new ideas replaced the old ones. Progress continued, in different forms.

Unless and until you are ready to give what you have, you will not find the new.


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