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When did you last invest in yourself?

She: I want to do this course, I need to grow.

Me: What's stopping you?

She: Family thinks it is a waste of money.

Me: What do you think?

She: I am confused now? What if I don't get results?

Me: How would you know without doing it?

She: Are you sure about the programme?

Me: That should not matter here. Anyways, how is your son doing? How is school?

She: Good, online classes are on.

Me: Nice, I am sure you have got the best school for him?

She: Yes, we could manage the best in the area.

Me: Do you see his school fee as an investment or expense?

She: Investment of course.

Me: And do you expect a return every day? Some output every day?

She: No, it's a long process. We have to be patient.

Me: And how much is your course of interest costing you vis a vis your kid's fee you pay.

She: Say for two months.

Me: Why is that there is a disproportionate focus on his education and learnings, and not yours?

She had her answers. She went ahead and enrolled for the course.

You have to invest in yourself.

You have to take care of yourself.

You have to be a lifelong learner.

When did you last invest in yourself?

How much time?

How much money?


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