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We all got Talent.

There were around 50 of us, an evening after our induction training.

We were sitting around a bonfire when someone came up with the idea of "Everyone Showcasing their Talent."

I was scared, once again.

This was like Deja Voo. Since childhood, this has been happening.

Like any ordinary guy, I have been the one clapping for people showcasing talent, deep down wondering why I was deprived of one?

This was never easy; that feeling of left out would tear me apart. The tag of being an introvert was the best escape, telling people that I do have talents, but I am too shy to showcase.

Deep down, I knew the truth.

Possibly a reason I started working hard at my work. I focused on becoming better every day.

And Yes, I did get results. From receiving some accolades as HR practitioners to becoming a coach impacting lives to becoming an author, I had my share of success.

Perhaps, perseverance was a talent I always had.😀

Lesson learned, we all have talents. For some, it's visible and gets identified early, for the ordinary one's like me, it takes time and effort.

Spend time on self-assessment, gather feedbacks, get coached. The power of self-awareness is transformational.


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