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We value different things differently, and that is what makes us unique

"I do so much, but there is zero appreciation for what I do."

Krish said.

The working relationship between Krish and his boss has reached its breakpoint.

Me: Tell me more

Kr: I do so much for my boss and my team, but he turns a blind eye, he doesn't value what I do.

Me: How do you know what you do is what makes his life better?

Kr: Any sane person will value what I do. I put so much energy and effort.

Me: By the way, I shall be getting an outstanding Non-vegetarian dish for you tomorrow.

Kr: What? How is food coming here? Also, I am a vegetarian by choice.

Me: I will be making it myself, it is an extraordinary dish, a lot of people love it.

Kr: ?? I am a vegetarian.

Me: I will be putting a lot of energy and effort. And you are not valuing it?

Kr (agitated): I said I am a vegetarian.

Me: But there is so much love and effort I put in.

Kr: I get it, but it is not something I value.

Me: But I value it so you should appreciate it.

Kr: Sorry, but I won't.

Me: I thought this is what you believe in. You said because you value it, your boss should also?

I could see a spark in his eyes; perhaps he got his answers.

We value different things differently, and that is what makes us unique :)

Read somewhere,

"We measure others on impact and self on intent."


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