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What binds us together?

Last week I met five of my primary schools' friends here in Bangalore, an in-person reunion after 28 years! It is a very long time and if nothing it makes me feel old.

Something was extraordinary, the connect was incredible, and not that all of us were from the same closed groups in those days. In fact, some of us would barely remember others and had to pull out photos to help us connect back.

Each one of them has a story to inspire and were sharing stories as if we have been meeting each other every day, this left a few questions with me.

1. What was binding us even after so many years? 2. Why were we not worried about what to say and what not? 3. Why was the conversation so pure and heart to heart? 4. Why did people open up so easily?

The million-dollar questions, How powerful would it be if we feel like this at our workplace?

Don’t have answers but was it because we were connected at roots? Or was it because we knew we would not be judged of who we are today and where we are today in life?

Or something else would love to hear your views.


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