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What has got you here will not take you ahead!

I come from a small town and had a smooth and ordinary life. I have seen life from a different lens, stuff like electricity, basic education and water were a luxury rather than hygiene.

Got into one of the best B schools and thought life was all set. But life throws new challenges at each stage. Of the batch of 52, I was the only one who did not get placed during summers, somehow through my contacts managed internship at a good organisation, but without stipend.

Problem? Extremely low self-confidence when it came to speaking in English, and I had to overcome it.

A promise to myself and help arrived, got into the placement committee, which pushed my limits, including building confidence. I had to speak to corporates and get them to campus. Bunch of friends there helped me overcome my inhibition, I remember they would help me with mock calls late nights.

Finals got though one of the 5 companies I wanted to work; what a day, what a moment, felt like a champion!

A belief that I carry now “What has got me here, will not take me ahead”. Every life stage requires a different strategy. So why have the same strategy to manage different bosses ?


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