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What is not important will never get done.

Me: Great to hear that you enjoy reading, so when do you start?

He: Soon, the current assignment is demanding, as soon as I get free, I will start.

Me: How long has your work career been?

He: Around 15 years.

Me: And when was the last time you had this "free time."

He: (No Response)

Me: How are you sure about getting free time after this assignment?

He: (Again No Response)

Me: You have been a great father I hear.

He: Yes, doing my best and learning in the process.

Me: I remember in our times, the Parent Teacher Meet was at best once a year. Nowadays, it is almost every month.

He: Yes, much needed change.

Me: So you attend them for both of your kids?

He: Yes, without fail. I have attended 95%+ of them over the last four years.

Me: Even if that required work to be rescheduled?

He: Yes.

Me: I thought you had limited "free time."

He: What is important need not wait for free time.

Me: And your reading then is not important?

He (after some thought): It is, It will get its time now 😀

Free time is one of the biggest excuses we have created for ourselves.

When we wait for the free time, we say it's not important, and what is not important will never get done.

Remember the world-famous interview question: What do you do when you are free?


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