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What story would you want to tell the interviewer?

He: The organisation I work in is the worst place to work.

Me: What happened?

He: No one has any idea what is happening and what to do.

Me: That sounds like a problem.

He: Yes, I don't know what is going to happen? Have been seeing this for three years.

Me: What have you done about the situation?

He: What can I do? And why should I? Someone else is supposed to do this.

Me: You seem to have a point of view on what better could be done, why don't you share this with the management?

He: They won't listen.

Me: Have you tried?

He: No.

Me: So why did you stick around for three years?

He (after thinking): I don't want my resume to look bad.

Me: Is it?

He: I was hoping things would improve.

Me: Looks like management is also hoping? It sounds like everyone is hoping, what is wrong in that?

He: They need to take action.

Me: Only them, and not you? Why so?

He: It is their problem.

Me: Picture this, Five years from now you are sitting in your life's biggest interview. What story would you want to tell the interviewer? You stayed in a company with hope for years for someone to do something; or you showed #ownership, demonstrated #accountability and took #action, for self and company?

He had his answers.


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May 29, 2020


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