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What to do if your boss is the Roadblock?

What should I do when my boss is not letting me move ahead in my career?

A question I was asked while speaking to a large group of corporate employees.

Top two outside the circle of influence reasons. If established, then move on to a new boss.

1. Political motive

2. Insecurity or fear; the outcome of experiences and org culture

If you have found most of your bosses in the top two categories, I have some points for you to think.

  • Have you comfortably passed on the blame of you being stuck in the career on someone else - your boss being the most comfortable escape?

  • Have you established yourself as a victim?

If the answers to the below points are no, you are leaving your career to chance:

#Ownership: Do you own up your current state in your career?

#Awareness: How aware are you about yourself? How aware are you about the aspirations of your boss? Why do you think he or she is operating in a particular way? You have your reasons, can they have?

#Aspirations: Are you clear on your career goals? Have you shared them with your boss?

#Accountability: What more can you do to move towards your goal? How open have you been to feedback?

#Actionability: Do you take enough actions or you wait for the perfect timing? What are you waiting for?

What would you want to tell in your life's most important interview? You boss was a problem, or you moved ahead despite all challenges?


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