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What we focus on Grows!

Everyone was upset about Krish trusting others so easily. Whenever it came to helping people, Krish would be the first one to stand up, and without much expectation in return.

This is who Krish is perhaps, deep down. This gives Krish happiness.

A week back, two significant accounts went away from him, thus the organisation, because someone posed to be a friend and got some information from Krish that impacted the deal. These were like the must-have deals for the business.

KK, the manager, was most furious.

I could sense it when KK called. KK also started to think of past losses in the business that may have happened because of this.

KK was wondering is Krish was even fit for the role. KK began to see a lot of shortcomings of a good contributor, all of a sudden.

There is only one question I had for KK.

"While you are blaming Krish for a few account losses, what are the chances that all those key accounts Krish got converted till date over past two years we're also because of Krish's willingness to trust people?"

There was silence at the other end. KK perhaps had his answers.

KK was focusing on the wrong side. KK was focusing on the imperfections.

KK learned a million-dollar lesson,

What we focus on grows

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