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What would everyone say about my choice?

The question that comes up whenever we make choices about a dream to pursue: social validation can get overwhelming.

Reminds me of a childhood story.

A man, son and their newly bought donkey were going from the local mart to their village. Man and son were happy with the purchase.

At first, the man decided to walk without any load on the donkey.

When crossing a village, people laughed. What a stupid man, they should both ride the donkey, they paid for it. The man acted.

While crossing the next village; villagers complained. Oh! Poor donkey, what a stupid man, he will kill the animal. The man got down, and it was the son riding the donkey now.

Village three, people laughed at the son. How can a son allow his old man to walk? The father should be on the donkey. They changed positions again.

Next village, people questioned the man about being inhuman. How can a father let his young son walk while he is enjoying the ride? The man got down and carried the son on his back.

Every village had something to offer, and they kept on changing the positions.

Because of this they,

  • Reached their destination late

  • Did not enjoy the journey

  • Wondered if the purchase was right

  • Let everyone else matter

Your life, your dreams, your choices!

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