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What you focus on Grows; make the right choice.

She was one of the most impressive profiles this company had hired.

A few months into her new role, she started to take erratic leaves, most of them on Monday's. A definite sign of disengagement and this had to be addressed.

I was sitting right in front of her to understand what was going on.

She said, "My manager is pushing me hard, the role I am doing should be quality over speed".

Her focus on negatives was making her blind to the positive sides.

I asked her five questions. You should use them if you are in a similar situation.

Awareness: Do you think your manager has an intent to trouble, or it is the working style mismatch?

Learnability: What are the three things you can learn from this manager and this situation?

Growth: Are you troubled because you are being pushed out of your comfort zone?

Goal: Would these improvements help you move faster in your career goals?

Ownership: How responsible are you for where you are today?

At the core, ask if the situation or manager is helping you become a better version of yourself?

Would you be learning stuff which no textbook will ever teach?

Remember, what you focus on grows; and it's a choice.


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