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When life gives you a lemon, make the best lemonade, ever.

One day, he did not have his job. It was hurting him, like anyone. With dependent parents, wife and a baby on the way, this was tough, emotionally and financially.

A small-town boy whose parents did everything it took to ensure he gets his share of education, he did his engineering and MBA from the best.

His call at an off-hour sometime back said it all.

He started with "Complaints", he wanted to fight back the unfair decision.

During the conversation and further interactions, a few questions and we were able to shift the focus to the "How" mode; the Problem-Solving mode.

He accepted things that were outside his circle of influence and committed to focusing on what was within his circle of influence.

He took ownership, he demonstrated accountability, and I need not say anything about actionability. The attached message from him a few days back says it all.

His story inspired me; I have myself learnt quite a few things from him during the process.

Each one of us who have reasons complaint, this is food for thought.

You can't give up; life throws you a challenge, you find ways, find solutions.
When life gives you a lemon, make the best lemonade, ever.

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